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Click here to read the new FHWA standard for visibility.


DBI/SALA is the worldwide leader in fall protection.  We carry harnesses that exceed the ANSI Z.359 standard made in every conceivable configuration to exceed every expectation.  All DBI/SALA Harnesses feature the Delta "No Tangle" pad.
11020001100982 T4500UAK 1113010
1102000 DBI Delta Harness - Single D-Ring - Toungle Buckle Legs 119.00
T4500UAK Miller Titan harness - Single D-Ring - Toungle Buckle Legs 79.00
1110103 DBI XO Fit XP - Single D-Ring - Parachute connectors - removable padding 308.00**
1113010 DBI XO Fit Nex - Single D-Ring - Parachute connectors - removable padding 333.00**
1100982 DBI Arc Flash Harness PVC Coated hardware - Kevlar/Nomex 449.00**

**Specify Small - XL
We have hundreds of harness styles available. Please call for our complete catalog.


We have lanyards in every configuration from DBI and Miller. All lanyards meet current ANSI standard and feature double-locking snaphooks, carabiners or re-bar hooks.


1244306 Shock Wave lanyard 1240406
1244306 DBI 6' Shock Wave lanyard 92.00
1240006 DBI 6' EZ Stop II Lanyard 89.00
1240406 DBI EZ Stop II 100% Tie-off lanyard 129.00
1244409 DBI EZ Stop II 100% Tie-Off lanyard W/Rebar hooks 268.00
1241906 DBI 6' Wrap Bax Self tie-off lanyard 139.00

We have hundreds of lanyards available. Please call for a complete catalog.


We have an anchorage connector to fit your needs.
Web strap anchor Reusable roof anchor Vacuum Anchor Kit Door Jamb Fixed Beam Glyder
1003000 DBI 3' Web strap anchor 47.00
1003006 DBI 6' Web strap anchor 50.00
2104700 DBI Glyder - Moving beam anchor 217.00
2108406 DBI Fixed beam anchor 381.00
21000080 DBI Door/Window jamb anchor 504.00
2101630 D-Ring anchor plate 39.00
2103676 Reusable roof anchor 39.00
2200095 DBI Mobile-Loc self-contained vacuum anchor kit Call for Pricing


DBI/SALA's line of self-retracting lifelines allow workers complete freedom of movement by playing out and retracting the webbing or cable.  In the event of a fall, the internal, speed sensing brake will activate to protect the worker and keep arresting forces below dangerous levels.  All of our SRL's are made to exceed ANSI & OSHA standards.  Available in a wide variety of lengths and materials to meet every application.  Talon SRL's feature Quick Connect.  
3101225 3101277 AD111A  AD120A 3590500
3101225 Nano-Lok W/Connector & Aluminum Carabiner 6' 150.00
3101277 Dual Leg Nano-Lok W/connector and aluminum rebar hooks 6' 349.00
AD111A  Rebel SRL W/carabiner 11' 149.00
AD120A Rebel SRL W/carabiner 20' 288.00
3590500 Rebel SRL W/Thermoplastic housing - carabiner included 33' 442.00

DBI/SALA offers several Self-Retracting Lifelines.  Please ask for a complete list or an onsite demonstration.


Compliance-in-a-can Roofers Kit includes a 50' lifeline, full body harness, rope-grab with energy absorber, roof anchor and nails all packed into a water-tight pail.
2199803  CIAC, Compliance-in-a-can 179.00


What is i-Safe
i-Safe™ is exclusive to DBI-SALA and provides a multitude of benefits for the safety conscious. It uses Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology to provide quick access to inspection, inventory and information. The inspection feature allows the user to access predetermined questions to inspect and record the inspection without accessing files or notes through the use of a hand-held PC. The system is paperless and reduces the time of inspecting and recording inspections by well over 30%.

Hand-held Personal Computer
Fall protection makes its home in some pretty tough locations and the new i-Safe Hand-held PC relies on the help of one of the best hand-held makers in the world for it rugged dependability.
The new i-Safe™ Hand-held comes with a pedigree from the courier and transportation sectors. It combines flexibility with improved uptime and longer battery life over its predecessor. It has improved flexibility, ruggedness and improved ergonomics.


It’s expandable, uses Windows Mobile 6.0 and supports the i-Safe Mobile Software. It is equipped with internal RFID reader and SD memory reader. Additional flexibility includes features like USB connectivity, docking station with spare battery charging and foam boot for added impact protection. The external keyboard enhances user friendliness making the i-Safe Hand-held PC easier to use.

The tougher the system the more uptime the user will have. i-Safe’s Hand-held PC delivers on both fronts. It resists penetration from water spray and airborne dust from all directions. It will withstand 26 drops to a polished concrete floor from 5’ (1.55 m) without damage. It was designed to withstand the vibration associated with constant ingress and egress from a truck. With this kind of toughness, longer uptime levels are a snap.

The i-Safe™ Hand-held PC enhances uptime use with user friendly attributes that include:
    • Full VGA daylight readable touch screen display
    • Backlit keyboard to simplify device interaction
    • Lightweight and portable size

In all, the i-Safe™ Hand-held PC provides superior features in an easy to handle package.
    • Safety: UL60950-1, CSA C22.2, No 60950-1
    • EMC: FCC Part 15 Class B, EN 55022, EN 55024
    • Bluetooth: 1.1 on C7S models

9000046  iSafe starter kit including handheld PC & 12 each rigid and soft tags 4,200.00


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